Steel Doors Frequently Asked Questions

Where Rhino Steel Doors are located?

Rhino Steel Doors showroom is in California. Visitors are accepted by appointment only; phone and online inquiries are welcome. You can send checks, color samples, or specific locks you want to use on your door to the San Diego County office.

Rhino Steel Doors have a showroom?

Yes! Rhino Steel Doors Showroom is in California, where you can see real-size residential steel doors, and feel the structural design, door hardware, and all aspects of the doors. Visitors are accepted by appointment only; phone and online inquiries are welcome.

Where Rhino Steel Doors are made?

Rhino's 21,000 sqft production facilities are in Tijuana, Mexico, which is 14 minutes from the Rhino's California office. If you want to learn more about the process you may call to make an appointment to visit Rhino Steel Doors production facilities.

Are steel doors good for houses?

Yes. The residential steel doors are easy to install and can be made in a variety of sizes to your architectural needs. Additionally, they provide more weatherproof and have a good fire rating, and extra security compared with wooden doors, fiberglass doors, or aluminum doors. Steel doors only require paint touch-ups every certain time, reducing the cost of maintenance. On the other hand, wooden doors require a fair share of maintenance.

Is there a warranty on the door?

Despite steel lasting longer than wood, aluminum, or fiberglass, Rhino’s warranty is only for one year. Steel weathering and paint touch-ups are required for future maintenance.

Steel doors rust?

Short answer, yes. All types of doors do aging: such as wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or steel. But steel is by far the longest-lasting. Steel alone without protection lasts 50 years. Bondo, primer, and automotive paint are applied to protect the steel. For more demanding customers, Rhino has the stainless steel option available.

What are the options if my concern is rust?

If the bondo, primer, and automotive paint that are applied to protect the steel, is not enough for you or your client, Rhino offers zinc coating to expand the life of the steel. But if you want to go to the next level, Rhino has the stainless steel option available.

Is it single-pane or double-pane glass?

Rhino offers single pane only for interior doors, but can be on the exterior doors if you request it. The Rhino standard for exterior doors is insulated (dual pane) tempered glass. If required Rhino also offers impact-resistant laminated glass which gives climate improvement plus more security and noise reduction, than standard dual pane glass.

What gauge of steel is used in Rhino Steel Doors?

Rhino’s standard structural design for fabricating doors primarily includes 14 gauge steel frames filled with insulation foam. This structure controls heat flow, helps to prevent condensation, and reduces noise from the outside. Depending on the design, the door may also incorporate 16 and 18-gauge steel in certain parts, and internally, to add structure to the body of the door. Compared with typical doors, when people see and use Rhino Steel Doors get that solid, strong, and uniquely built feel.

What happens if the glass gets broken?

Despite Broken glass being uncommon. Rhino doors come with a screwed glass holder on the interior part of the door if the glass needs to be replaced. A local glass shop would be able to replace the glass of the door; Basically, he first needs to remove the glass holder frame in the interior part of the door by unbolting the screws covered by the plugs, and then removing the glass. Remember, this needs to be made by a glass professional.

What are the options to reduce price and lead times?

If you are a general contractor, and you are in a rush in a new home build project, this option is for you. Rhino can provide you with just the steel door in paint primer, with no glass but PDF templates for the glass sizes. You can source the glass from a local provider. The advantages of ordering in primer and without glass are that you save on the price of manufacturing of the door, you can ask your carpenter to spray paint the doors the color you want, the lead time is reduced by 3-5 weeks, and also you save on shipping because it weight less.

If you have any questions about the process for submitting your order, or if you would like to schedule a call to discuss further, please do not hesitate to Contact us.

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