The new and best way to open: pivot doors

single glass panel steel framed pivot door

Latest trends place pivot doors in the top of every contractor and homeowner’s list. You can find them in architectural magazines, in high-end commercial buildings, and homes aiming for a modern look. This is because pivot doors aren’t only visually striking, but are also functional and efficient.

More than just a trend, these doors are here to stay as they offer great advantages in operation, space efficiency and ability to be larger due to their mechanism.

Advantages of pivot doors

Hinged doors, the ones we all know and have used all our lives, are limited in size because their hinges are attached to the side, making it hard for them to carry heavier doors without dragging or loosening the hinges.

A standard 36”x 80” door with 2 hinges can hold up to 70 lbs, while a pivot door can hold around triple or more weight.


Go big or go home

The one thing that makes pivot doors unique is their size. They can be wider than 7 ft. and taller than 9 ft. if they’re properly made and secured. They can’t be too small though: a pivot door will need to be at least 48” wide for the opening to allow people to pass without inconveniences.

This is because the pivot needs to be placed a few inches or feet away from the edge for the mechanism to swing the door open. So for example, if the door is 48" and the pivot is placed 12 inches away from the edge, that would leave a good 36" of clearance space to pass through.

Operation as smooth as butter

Innovative technology has made it possible for pivot systems to work and last a lifetime. The pivot used for these doors make them open with just a gentle push, and they close the same way as well. Although they may seem heavy and hard to control, its the opposite, and people get shocked by how easy they are to move.

High-end look

Modern and contemporary house styles have gained popularity for their architectural efficiency and technology-incorporated functions. A pivot door is the perfect addition for any home aiming to maintain a sleek, modern aesthetic.

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