Less is more: a guide to achieving minimalist interior design effortlessly

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Minimalist style is highly recognized as a luxury style, and has quickly become a synonym for sophistication and high-end living. The problem is, although it may look easy to achieve a magazine-looking minimalist loft, it’s a little harder than it seems. So we’ve created a simple guide to pull off that modern, minimal style you're looking for.

Little to no decoration

A sober amount of decoration will avoid a cluttered space, opt for home decor that’s eye-catching while not hoarding all the attention in the room.

Austere materials

The beauty of minimalism is how small details become a large masterpiece, that’s why plain materials avoid distracting the viewer from the entirety of the structure. Materials like concrete, glass, and metals help to create a delicate yet strong look.


Avoid flashy elements

You don’t want to go overboard with over-the-top looking furniture, art pieces, and decor. Avoid using elements that take away visual balance with disrupting colors or shapes. Instead, stick to simple elements like large solid-color rugs, minimalist art, and geometric mirrors that also create the feeling of the room being larger.


When possible, replace regular windows with large, slim framed ones, this will allow light to flow freely and in a larger amount inside your home bringing life to your space. Ambient light is also recommended for a moody environment that will accessorize the space, this type of artificial lighting is highly sought out by interior designers for its ability to create a sophisticated setting.

Don’t be afraid of neutrals

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Neutral palettes will enhance how your space looks and feels, lighter colors combined with rich, dark tones will make a room stand out with a luxurious vibe. If you do want to add color, stick with earthy tones that complement neutrals, for example, if your main wall’s color is light gray, you can add taupe to other walls or furniture to take out any dullness.

Often, minimalism is seen as unwelcoming and cold, people tend to stay away from this modern style with a fear of having a home that’s not cozy and enjoyable, but unlike popular belief, minimalism creates a relaxing atmosphere because of its simple elements. Other styles are more likely to get cluttered since the decoration is the main attraction, not space.

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