Industrial interior design

The raw side of elements is captured in industrial interior design as this style reflects a rough, unpolished mood which translates as a dynamic approach in architecture and design.

What characterizes industrial design?

black modern industrial windows

It's all about the “unfinished” look, so aiming for roughly finished materials and minimal decor is key to achieve this style. Leaving structural elements exposed is the rule of thumb with industrial design, whether its pipes, frames, furniture's legs, or concrete floors, focus on the aesthetic side of unpolished things.

Go crazy for metal

You also want to create a balance between modern and some sort of rustic vibe, which is why many interior designers pair wood and metal; this combo is a match made in heaven for industrial design since wood adds a touch of nature while metal gives a modern, serious feeling. Metal and glass windows are gonna amplify the industrial vibe, bare windows with slender frames will allow natural light in your home and you'll save on artificial lighting.

Decorate moderately

industrial style black steel framed windows

While the industrial approach tries to keep things austere, there’s no need to sacrifice decor completely. A minimalist vision is common with this style, so try keeping things simple, avoid vibrant accessories, and stick with furniture that’s angled, solid, and neutral colored.

Open your space up

Instead of having solid walls dividing your rooms, choose an open floor design for your home, and use furniture and room dividers to separate your place. This will give the illusion of a larger area, which benefits industrial design.

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