What makes Rhino Steel doors exceptional

steel and glass double door

When looking for a great steel door, there’s a lot of things to consider, from finish to performance, every detail matters. At Rhino, we specialize in crafting high-end custom made steel doors and windows for projects across the United States and Canada, and although we’re serious about delivering top-notch luxury products, many people want to know what sets us apart from the competition and what Rhino can do different for them.

For starters, most steel door and window providers nowadays only offer products imported from over seas that are very cheap, but that price reflects the low quality and craftsmanship they have. In most cases, these doors don’t make it past their first year of use without falling apart, rusting or cracking. Rhino sources steel locally and fabricates all units in a owned factory, eliminating the fear of receiving a defective product that a third party company produced.

Rhino also has one of the slimmest frames in the market: 1” in all our standard products and up to ½” on our Ultra-Slim Series. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to deliver slender profiles that add a distinguished touch of modernity.

Using premium automotive paint, and incorporating a multi-step method, our custom-made steel doors and windows look and feel awesome. Our smooth luxury finish requires a more detailed process to achieve an outstanding end product, from welding to paint, we carefully handle materials and deliver one-of-a-kind craftsmanship that you can see from a distance and up close.

There’s two main reasons why doors drag over time: the hinges aren’t secured and become loose, or the door frame shifted. Nobody likes their door dragging and damaging the floor or the door itself, that’s why Rhino only uses heavy duty hinges that are welded onto the jamb and frame, creating a door that’s as stable and sturdy as it is functional.

multi sliding steel door

One thing that gets to every client’s nerve is a tiresome, never-ending lead time. The majority of shipped over-seas stock and custom-made door providers take anywhere between 18-20 weeks or more on a single door project, while Rhino can complete the same project in a lead time of 12-14 weeks after signed shop drawings, a medium sized project in 14-16 weeks, and a large project starting at 18 weeks.

This advantage goes along with the fact that Rhino manufactures in-house and creates all doors in windows in our own factory, allowing us to have control over the entire process, finish and quality of all our units, providing security and reassurance to our clients that they’re receiving the best product in the market. And while many other steel door companies offer only frames without glazing, we deliver a complete, pre-assembled product, for an easy handling experience that'll let you enjoy your new door the same day it's delivered and installed. No need to purchase additional hardware, glass or locks; we deliver the real deal.

Rhino is an expert in creating custom steel doors and windows, with over 20 years of combined experience, skilled engineers, architects, and artisans, we guarantee that our clients are getting a product of the highest quality standards, made entirely in North America.

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