What are Low-E windows?


You may have heard about the term Low-E somewhere, at a home-goods store, maybe in a show on TV, or you read it on the internet. It's not a new term, since low-emissivity coatings were invented around the 70’s and popularized in the late 80’s. By the mid 80’s, almost all U.S. window manufacturers were offering Low-E options to their customers. Later on, companies specialized in creating coatings and windows to target cooler or warmer climates, to give people options that suited their needs depending on their location’s common weather.

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, heat gain and loss through regular windows are responsible for about 30% of residential heating/cooling energy use. This means that normal windows can make your heating system work harder to maintain a perfect temperature in your home, elevating energy costs and resulting in expensive bills to pay. This is not the only issue you’ll encounter, your heating system will be working double and may shorten it’s life span or require more repairs, adding to costly expenses.

low-e window heat deflective

There many benefits to Low-E windows that will not only save you money but make your day-to-day life better. The way these windows work is by adding a thin layer of coating that reflects UV light rays (the ones that fade color in your furniture and appliances) and infrared light, this prevents sun damage in your home and your skin. The coating added reflects interior temperatures to the inside, which means that if it's cold outside, heat will be trapped in, and if it’s warm, then cool temperatures will remain inside your home.

You may wonder “If I'm not getting sun rays, does it mean I'm not gonna get any light?”, but Low-E windows only block harmful rays, not actual light, so you can enjoy natural light without worrying about getting sun-burnt.

Your window's durability will also be increased due to the coat added, with its insulating properties your window could withstand extreme weather more easily. This also relates to reduced condensation, which is the “crying look” normal windows get when temperatures are low and the environment is very humid.

In Rhino we provide Low-E coatings for your beautiful steel windows and doors, so you can enjoy amazing energy-efficient benefits and gorgeous design.


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