Best ways to style black steel windows in your home


Black steel windows are becoming more and more popular in interior design, they’re elegant, classic, and black is never outdated. Although black is a bold color, and some people might find it intimidating, there are many ways of styling black windows for your home to feel sophisticated and welcoming at the same time.

Bright colors

If you think black may be aggressive, try redefining its role in the color scheme you use. By adding vibrant colors you strikingly juxtaposition bright and dark, creating a playful and inviting look. Vivid colors, such as orange, blue, and pink, can bring captivating energy to any room, so pairing an electric-blue sofa with black windows will make more than a statement, it will make a lifetime impression.

Illumination and decor

black window decor ideas

When having a dark feature in a room, lighting is key, a good lamp or hanging lights will brighten the space while warming up the windows look. Lighting can also create drama and interest, adding shade and warming the ambient to complement your windows better.

Remember that three types of lighting exist, ambient, accent and task lighting, and these can add depth and substance to any room.

With decor, light curtains will enhance the overall look of your windows and will give a soft, luminous feeling to the room. Furniture will also complement your windows and help the room have different points of interest without it losing the black window’s spotlight.

Neutral color schemes

Balanced, neutral colors are your black framed steel window’s best friend. Neutral palettes bring a sense of coziness and comfort to any room, while black makes a statement and grounds the space by creating a focal point that prevents the room from getting dull.

High contrast

contrasting interior design black window frame

Black and white are never out of style. This color combo is still a staple in many interior designs, since famous interior designer Dorothy Draper first started using checkered black and white floors, this combination has soared and defined classic elegance and sophistication. Cream or white-colored walls will perfectly frame the windows and provide a stunning view for you and visitors as well!

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