Modernizing your home

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Modern homes are increasingly rising in popularity, people are opting for this look because of the clean lines and minimalist vibes that are often related to the idea of luxury.

The modern architectural style emerged after Bauhaus, between the 30’s and 50’s. It started as a response to the opulent living of the Victorian era, which had too many luxuries that were intentionally visible and eye-catching. Although modernism continued to develop through the years, its most prominent decade must have been the 60’s. Post-war media portrayal encouraged modernity and a rejection of traditionalism, which led to the influence of modernism in many areas, such as architecture.

Modern architecture embraces clean lines, geometric and/or angled finishes, the use of natural light, and opening spaces. It also takes minimalism and unifies with it by opting for little to no decoration, the use of negative space, and monochromatic palettes.

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So, now that we’ve defined modern architecture, the question pops up: How can I modernize my house?

It may be overwhelming to narrow down options, but simply put, you have to clear out your space and add elemental features to your home. The main goal is to have a place that allows easy movement and isn’t cluttered.

Some things you can try out to achieve a modern look are:

Many times, modern is confused with contemporary, but the two have different characteristics. Modern refers to something built on a specific time, while contemporary refers to the trends that are influential at the moment and is ever-evolving since styles come and go regularly.

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