How to make an unforgettable first impression with a new entry door?

double iron door with sidelights in black

The patio and the facade of your home are what you see from the outside, but one key element is the front door of your home, it is the first thing people see when they arrive, the main entrance door. Be sure to make an excellent first impression with an impressive entry to receive your visitors. Most doors in the market are made to last low time span, as the wooden doors that rot with time and are affected by moisture and heat, as well as weak vinyl or aluminum doors. They do not give a pleasant feeling to the eye when you arrive at your home.

The type of doors that guarantee beauty, safety, and durability to withstand bad weather and security are steel doors. If it includes glass, it can be laminated glass that provides UV protection, sound cancellation, and superior security to thieves than a single or double-layer glass.

The glass can be dual-pane tempered glass for best energy efficiency or laminated (impact resistant) with clear, rain or frosted finish for privacy.

The most common type of home front doors made of steel are the pivot doors which are more contemporary and the steel windows and doors.

Before buying and installing your new steel entrance door, you must ensure that it includes all of the following features:


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