Renovating your home with room dividers

steel black interior room divider

When envisioning a new space, whether it’s a workspace, a restaurant lounge, or a room at home, the integrity of the area depends on how you use the space’s full capacity and what you put in it. It’s important to create contrast while imagining the new look of your space, that’s why accessories, dividers, and colors play a big role in personalizing, if a room has no focus points, it can become dull and easy to forget, or even just uncomfortable to be in.

Room dividers have been used throughout history, dating back to the 4th century BC in China, to separate rooms for ceremonies, changing of garments, or even religious events. They are more than just a way to separate spaces, they can be a potential highlight and a way to make your home even more stylized, they can add an elegant touch to spaces while creating a more comfy and private place.

From minimalist counter shields to spectacular glide doors, interior room dividers can optimize different areas and give a new look to your room. Different materials give different vibes to the place you're managing, for example, a division that’s made with light colors and lightweight materials can give a neutral and clean atmosphere, in comparison to using darker colors or materials, such as rich browns and deep charcoals, as they can set the tone for a more moody and serious environment.

Playing with shapes and patterns also comes in handy when choosing a divider, solid colors, or clean lines make for minimalist finishes that give a sophisticated look, while artistic ideas like swirls or geometric patterns give a fun and quirky feeling to the room.

black steel window room divider

Organization wise, breaking up a large room into smaller sections gives the illusion of the space being larger. The great thing about dividers is that they’re easy to move around so you can re-organize and change things up every once in a while, this functionality beats other options such as building walls or separations that can't be moved. Or if you're looking for a permanent divider that’s not a wall, many options can be found like sliding dividers that allow a room to be separated or open, those types of separations are very practical and are perfect for shared spaces.

Room dividers can also have more than one purpose, aside from creating a partition in a room, they can have different characteristics that serve the client’s taste and vision. Materials used can provide sound-proof environments or a lower noise outcome, they can completely block the vision of the divided space or they can be mostly decorative, they can even create a thermal difference, when metals are used, or give off a faint scent, when wood is involved, depending on the final design and product result. Some dividers can act as shelves, creating a place for books, personal items, or items you want to display.

Having a space for every task or activity helps our mind concentrate, boost productivity, and most importantly it gives us a sense of belonging in a place where our personal space isn’t affected by environmental factors such as noise, light, or visual distractions.

Neuroscience and psychology indicate that having personal space makes our brains work better because it gives us a sense of security and relaxation as well as helping us learn to build better social relationships, so dividing spaces can sometimes create more union since everybody can feel privacy and exclusivity, while still being able to reach out easily to anyone close.


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