Walk-in pantry doors

arch top steel and glass pantry door

Pantries are a basic space in any home in America. They’re essential to keep food and other goods stored safely and neatly, and they also help keep a more de-cluttered area in the kitchen.

Some pantries can be similar to cabinets or shelving, but if there’s enough space, then a walk-in pantry can be added. The most standard size for a walk-in pantry is somewhere near 5’ x 5’, even larger if there’s room, so a door in a reduced space like that would need to be around 30”-36”.


Benefits of having a pantry door

double panel steel pantry door

Protection for food and cooking items

It's no old news that doors are an insulating item, so it's natural for a pantry door to help keep any goods at a cooler temperature, and lower the risk of humidity spoiling food.


Having a door in your pantry will keep out any wandering toddler or pet from breaking a jar or having a sneaky midnight snack.


Covering up your pantry will avoid any visual clutter or unorganized groceries. By closing up the opening, you instantly make your kitchen look more neat and more spacious.

Having high-end steel and glass pantry doors is the ideal way to boost the appeal of your kitchen, and also provide protection to all your snacks, coffee, and finest china. Rhino offers custom-made, luxury steel and glass doors for projects across the United States and Canada.

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