Wood vs. Steel Doors

Steel is one of the most durable metals on earth, it doesn’t require as much maintenance as other materials, and has many benefits that put it on top of better performing materials.


The main reason to choose a steel door is the long-term value. Regular life expectancy for steel is at least fifty years, even more, when regularly cared for, making it a perfect investment.

Steel has the amazing advantage of self-healing, this means that a thin layer on the steel’s surface is formed, which “heals” the object when damaged, preventing rust or further affectations. The way this works is when steel becomes damaged (most commonly scratched) and the damaged part comes in contact with oxygen in the air or water, self-healing begins by regenerating a thin coat of steel where damage was made. This doesn’t mean that you can deliberately harm your door just to watch it repair itself, it means that minor damages can be contained.

Also, steel can withstand extreme temperatures and environmental factors. Its water-resistant, low maintenance, and anti-theft. Unlike wood, steel doesn’t absorb moisture, which prevents mold growth, and doesn’t expand under heat or cold. Wood doors will change under extreme temperatures, causing them to bend, warp, and crack, which means their energy-efficiency, aesthetic appeal and functionality will diminish over time.


In a Steel Door Institute study called “Why Steel?”, different material doors were put to the test in different aspects. Fire rating, blast resistance, forced entry resistance, thermal performance, and other features were taken into account when testing out steel, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass doors.

In almost every category, steel outperformed the other materials, it was the only material to pass the tornado resistance test, its resistance to fire lasted 3 hours (in comparison to wood’s 90-minute resistance), and it was the only material to have a perfect score in anti-microbial properties since steel can be easily sanitized for its non-porous surface.

All of these positive characteristics place steel doors at the top of the list, so don’t be afraid of replacing your old doors with a stylish and functional new steel door.


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