Best types of residential windows

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Particularly for a house, a window is a significant factor that can control how much light and air circulation will flow from inside to outside. A lot depends on the size of the windows, but the type is also key for specific needs in every part of the property.

Having the right style of window can help a bathroom by reducing humidity after showering, or it can help the air in a living room circulate with a nice breeze; whatever the needs of the room are, there's probably a better type of window to choose and make the job easier.

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Why choose steel residential windows?

Windows can be made in a lot of styles and can be made of a wide range of materials, but the better-performing material for residential windows is steel. Steel windows offers plenty of advantages over traditional wood, aluminum or even vinyl windows, from the strength they have to the sophisticated look they give to any home.



steel black residential windows

A steel window can take much more than other window material, for example, if a soccer ball gets hit in the wrong direction, an aluminum frame can dent or bend, while a steel one will remain intact.

Steel, with no coating or protection from the elements, can last more than 50 years alone, so it’s only natural for a treated and perfected steel window to last up to 100 years or even more with little maintenance.

Thin frames

Due to the strength and density of steel, the frames don’t need to be as thick as with wood, because a thinner frame can handle the weight of the unit without bending or cracking. This advantage allows slim profiles that are very aesthetically pleasing and have a more high-end look.

Great thermal performance

In past decades, steel windows weren’t insulated which caused a lot of thermal flow, but with more technology and a better manufacturing process, it’s easier to make steel windows that look amazing without sacrificing having great thermal performance. Steel frames can be insulated with different foams and fillings to slow down thermal transfer and keep a constant room temperature.

It’s not always easy to find the perfect steel window, but Rhino makes it easy for everyone across the United States and Canada to get the low-profile custom-made steel windows of their dreams easily and with the highest quality in the market.


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