A luxury perspective: steel shower doors

arched black steel shower door

The shower is the perfect place to relax, it's an escape after a hard day of work, an insane work-out or the right place to show off your singing skills.

But often, this relaxing space becomes a struggle when flimsy shower curtains get in the way, or frail plastic shower doors get mouldy and brake.

The next step in luxury bathrooms is high-end steel shower doors, and while these have been around for quite some time, now more than ever, you can see sleek black steel shower doors everywhere from interior design magazines to lifestyle blogs.

A steel and glass door can be used to create a shower enclosure or simply have easier access and protection in the shower.

Benefits of a steel and glass shower door

Larger appearance

Since at least 90% of the door will be glass, its transparency will enlarge the bathroom and allow light to flow freely through it, while still covering the exposed shower area.

low profile shower enclosure

Less mildew

Glass is a non-porous material, so it’s harder for bacteria and mildew to grow on it since there’s nothing to grip on and thrive, making it easier to clean and maintain your shower doors.

Steel is also an easy to clean material, with just a quick wipe with a rag or cloth to make it look brand new.

Sealed and secure

Unlike plastic curtains, shower doors are solid and stable, keeping water inside and preventing leaks. This sealing motion can also reduce slipping accidents when stepping out to get dry, since there's a smaller chance of water splashing outside of the shower area.

A true statement

Glass and metal is always a statement, this combo is a classic one when trying to achieve an aesthetic and luxurious look. Adding a steel shower door to your home will boost its value and give your bathroom a one-of-a-kind feeling.

Give your bathroom and home the upgrade you didn't know you needed with a high-end steel and glass shower door made by Rhino. We manufacture custom steel shower doors for luxury projects across the United States and Canada, providing an exclusive product with top finish and quality.

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